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Salary and Benefits

Salary and Benefits


  Salary Management Principles

  1. The salary level of employees is determined by the overall performance of the company.

  2. Employees' salary is divided into fixed pay and variable pay, in which fixed pay is mainly determined by the position, ability and qualification level of employees and variable pay determined by the company's, department's and personal performances.

  Date and Form of Salary Payment

  1. Date

  The salary is paid in RMB on the 25th day of each month. If the payday is a holiday, the salary will be paid on the last working day prior to the holiday.

  2. Form

  (1) Bank transfer to the personal bank debit card is adopted. If there is any change in personal account information, inform the remuneration management department by email in time.

  (2) For salary details, query the staff in the remuneration management department.

  Salary Withholding

  In case of any of the following circumstances, the company will withhold the employees' salary:

  (1) Individual income tax

  (2) All social insurance expenses and housing fund that shall be borne by the employees themselves

  (3) The alimony, maintenance, and other personal debts shall be withheld by Inovance according to the court's judgment or ruling, and the notice of assist execution

  (4) Other expenses that can be deducted from employees' salaries according to laws and regulations

  Benefits Management Principles

  1. When making and carrying out the benefits policies, the following principles are taken into consideration: transparent (open and fair), equal (all employees can enjoy the benefits), differential (based on different ranks or positions), and variable (varies with the company's performance and the changes of internal and external economic environments).

  2. The overall design principles of benefits need to consider the employees themselves and their families as well as the health and safety of employees to provide effective livelihood support for employees.

  3. The company encourages everyone to participate in charitable activities and emphasizes that dedication is a virtue.


  According to the implementation norms and application scope, the benefits are divided into three categories: statutory benefits, general benefits, and exclusive benefits, which includes the following aspects:















  Wedding gift money Newborn gift money Holiday benefit Phone allowance

  High-temperature subsidy Health examination Yearly team activities Fuel subsidy Shuttle bus

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