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Training and Career Development Paths

Training and Career Development Paths


  Training and Qualification Management Principles

  1. Aiming at supporting Inovance's business development strategies, the training and qualification management focus on the construction of training and qualification systems and promotion paths to improve employees' abilities and promote their career development.

  2. Through the construction of training and qualification systems, every employee with professional skills can find suitable positions and development opportunities in Inovance.

  Training Management

  The human resource department makes an annual training plan according to the actual needs of business and employee development, which will be implemented after the approval of the director of the human resource department. The training aims to promote the improvement of employees' abilities and performances.

  1. Curriculum system

  The curriculum system is established based on the integration of training course resources of the whole company. Three types of courses are included: core courses, professional courses, and management courses. In order to encourage all employees to participate in the construction and improvement of the curriculum system, Inovance provides incentives for curriculum design and development.

  2. Lecturer system

  Professional training for internal lecturers is provided to better promote the construction and improvement of the internal curriculum system, improve the quality of the curriculum design and development for internal training, and enhances the training effect. Currently, internal lecturers are divided into three categories: junior lecturers, intermediate lecturers, and senior lecturers. In order to encourage the employees to actively participate in internal training and sharing, Inovance provides lecturers with lecturers' fees.

  3. Training application

  The human resource department publishes the training plan for the next month every month. Employees who are interested in internal training courses can contact the human resource department directly to sign up. Employees applying for external training can fill in the training application form according to the actual work needs. Before implementation, the application must be approved by the manager of the applicant's department and the director of the tier 1 department, and recorded and reviewed by the training director/director of the human resource department.

  4. Training disciplines

  The human resource department is responsible for the organization and management of training. The relevant requirements are as follows:

  (1)The training expenses are reimbursed according to the invoice issued by the training institution, with the confirmation letter from the training institution attached.

  (2)Travel expenses for training are handled in accordance with relevant regulations of business trips published by the finance department. Travel subsidy is not provided for participation in the external training.

  (3)The training date is based on the notice of the training institution. If the training time is extended or shortened due to the change of the course plan, the trainees should report to the human resource department in time.

  (4)During the external training, the trainees pay themselves for the following activities organized by the training institution: paid visits, tours, and other business activities not related to the training.

  (5)Employees participating in the training must attend the training on time. Those who do not attend the training without reason or quit the training will be given a peccadillo record or severer punishment after verification and bear all the training expenses by themselves.

  (6)Those who are unable to participate in the external training due to special reasons should report to the human resource department in advance so that the head of the human resource department or relevant departments can arrange other employees to participate in the training. Otherwise, they will be regarded as absent without reason.

  (7)The training qualification of those who are absent without reason more than once or who are late and leave early more than 3 times in that year will be canceled.

  Qualification Management System


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