Deep learning algorithm engineer

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Minimum education:


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Experience requirements:


       Description of position:

  Testing engineer

  Optical engineer

  System software engineer (C/C++/C#)

  Platform software engineer (C/C++/C#)

  LabVIEW software engineer

  Vision algorithm application engineer

  Machine vision algorithm engineer

  Deep vision algorithm engineer



  Deep learning algorithm engineer



  1. Responsible for the development of vision products in the field of industrial automation. Complete the development and commissioning of the vision algorithm according to the project plan and specifications; Solve and optimize the technical problems within the product lifecycle.

  2. With the deep learning model development as the core, design and implement competitive algorithm solutions by using various techniques (such as target detection, target classification, image segmentation) based on the actual application scenarios.

  3. Research and track leading-edge technologies related to machine learning and deep learning to continuously ensure the advanced nature and rationality of design schemes.

  4. Collaborates with R&D personnel in optical, structural, electrical and other vision-related components to ensure product competitiveness with overall advanced technologies.


  1. Master's degree or above, majoring in computer, electronic information, mathematics or other related majors

  2. CET6 or above, excellent English literature reading capability, good knowledge of mathematics

  3. Sufficient theoretical knowledge and rich R&D experience in deep learning and traditional machine learning, proficient in the mainstream deep learning framework, experience in developing and solving image processing related issues based on deep learning platform is preferred

  4. Familiar with C/C++/Python and commonly-used algorithms in machine vision and image processing, experience in machine vision project development is preferred

  5. Good at analyzing and solving problems, excellent innovation and learning skills, and good team spirit