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TP solutions

Committed to providing simple, highly-efficient, and intelligent vision solutions for the display industry to promote the display industry to develop in the direction of intelligent manufacturing.

3C solutions

Focuses on the home appliance industry covering the computer, communication, and consumer electronics products.

Printing & packaging solutions

Focuses on the high-end inspection of the packaging industry, covers medicine, food, and printing fields, and provides professional online quality inspection solutions for customers.

Filling solutions

Provides filling line solutions with advanced industrial vision technology and adheres to the "Customer-centered" business principle to continuously create value for customers.

Lithium battery solutions

Covers the laser cleaning machine used for consumer batteries and power batteries, tab welding machine, small-sized square lithium battery winding machine, welding & winding machine, and top and side sealing machine.

Ceramic solutions

Focuses on the kiln inlet processes and applied to the sorting of different types of tiles on kiln inlet and the identification of different brands.


Nanjing Inovance Industrial Vision Technology Co., Ltd.

Nanjing Inovance Industrial Vision Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Inovance Vision), a high-tech enterprise in artificial intelligence (AI) inspection, has been committed to promoting industrial intelligence with industrial vision solutions. Founded in 2013, Inovance Vision has grown into a team of more than 100 staffs in the field of machine vision and AI, of which the R&D group consists of more than 40 masters and doctors. This lays a solid team foundation for the further development of AI.

SINCE 2013
Promote industrial intelligence with industrial vision
Industry leader and standard setter in the field of industrial vision applications


Inovance Vision mainly provides customers with leading vision solutions for automatic production lines with the industrial light source, industrial camera, and vision controller as the core devices and industry-leading deep learning technology as the algorithm support.

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Room 9F, Building 1, Kylin Artificial Intelligence Industry Park, No. 266, Chuangyan Road, Jiangning District, Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, China